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Wooden Storage Sheds

Wooden Storage Sheds

Wooden storage sheds are a perfect solution for keeping all of your yard and garden tools out of the way, safe, and accessible.


Even if they’re just meant as a form of outdoor closet, they can also be a very attractive part of your exterior decorating.  Of course, as much as wood and plastic storage sheds are traditionally for gardening tools and yard maintenance equipment, it’s also a great place to keep lawn and patio furniture, outdoor kids’ toys, yard decorations for parties and get-togethers, and other items that are used exclusively outside.  Of course, if yours is big enough, you can even convert it into more than one room so that you can have a type of hangout for the kids, home office space, workshop, or other cozy little private sheltered space.

The strength and visual appeal of wooden storage sheds are currently the most common reasons that people give for buying them made out of that particular material.  As effective as vinyl, metal, and plastic storage sheds can be, they simply cannot stand up to the traditional style and high function of their wood-based counterparts.

Wooden Storage Sheds - Greater Design Options

The design and layout of your wooden storage sheds is completely up to you as you may have certain uses in mind that must be catered to by its plans.  Durability will, of course, be an automatic element to the structure, but you will want to consider some other factors before you make your final decision.

For example, you’ll need to know what your budget is for the project.  Wooden storage sheds are generally more expensive than those made of metal, for example. Therefore, you need to gauge how large you’ll need it to be and what features you’ll want, including windows, door styles, interior shelving, etc. Again, these are features that aren't readily available with most plastic storage sheds --- unless, of course, you're prepared to spend some big bucks.

Will your wooden storage shed be made of one or several rooms.  Depending on how much space you have in your yard, the size of your budget, and the uses you have in mind for the little building, you can have a tiny little shed or one large enough that you could actually use it as an additional guest room. 

Of course, if you intend to use it for anything other than just storage, you might want to consider adding an actual floor or base.  Some models don’t come with a floor – which is ideal for saving money when you just want to house your lawn mower and hedge clippers, but others can stand on a concrete base so that you can add whatever flooring you want.  Make sure that you use the right kind of concrete and that you use a lightweight wood to place upon it.  You should be sure of the placement of your wooden storage shed before pouring your concrete base!


 August 03, 2020 

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