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Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed

Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed

When you need some more storage space for your belongings, a Rubbermaid vertical storage shed might be just the solution you’ve been seeking. 


These spaces are a great way to get the most out of your space when your current closet and cupboards just aren’t enough or aren’t the right size for the items you need to put away.  Like plastic storage sheds, they’re strong, long lasting, and easy to put together so that they’ll suit whatever needs you happen to have. 

A Rubbermaid vertical storage shed is different from the other plastic storage sheds that are currently offered by the brand.  They have been created with the specific purpose of taking up a minimum amount of floor or ground space.  Among those available, it is model number 3749 that is by far the most popular, allowing for maximum storage in only two square feet of floor space.  Though that doesn’t sound like very much, as it is also six feet tall, its total of twenty four square feet lets it hold a surprising amount. 

This same model is also the only one within its category of plastic storage sheds with a double wall.  This permits the structure to be extremely strong and durable and will withstand the typical bumps, bad weather, and other challenges to its integrity, while protecting what is stored inside.  It is a very sturdy unit with the ability to remain an open storage space, or house wooden shelves so that smaller items can be conveniently stored and organized.

On the other hand, the model number 3746 Rubbermaid vertical storage shed provides the same kind of concept as the 3749, except in a slightly larger space.  At four feet, eight inches wide and two feet, eight inches deep, it is also taller than the most popular model, reaching six and a half feet. 

If the 3749 simply isn’t large enough or if you’ve outgrown it with what you need stored, then the 3746 is likely the perfect move upward in size.  It features the same high quality materials and features, but with a great deal more space.  This lets you know that your things will be safely stored, you can add shelving if you wish, and that it will be easy to maintain.

Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed - The Largest Model

Of course, if you need the biggest Rubbermaid vertical storage shed on the market, then you’ll be interested in the 3673 Double Deep Modular Vertical Shed.  It is much bigger than the other two models and requires some assembly when it is brought home from the store. 

Once you’re done putting it together, though, you’re provided with more than one hundred and sixty cubic feet in which you can store whatever you’d like.  That being said, it does require some space in which to keep it as it is five feet wide, six feet deep, and six feet tall. Most people who buy this option do so because they do not have an outdoor garage or shed and need somewhere to keep their things.


 August 03, 2020 

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