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Lifetime Storage Sheds

If you’ve never heard of Lifetime storage sheds, then it’s about time that you find out. 


They, unlike plastic storage sheds, are made out of a steel frame that is powder coated to protect it from rust and the elements.  This frame is set between two HDPE (high density polyethylene) sheets that make up the walls.  It provides a shed that is surprisingly strong and durable as it is made out of a steel frame and double walls. 

Unlike many other metal storage sheds, these will remain standing for many years without any real need for maintenance other than the occasional hose-down in case they get dirty. I suppose you call it a marriage of metal and plastic storage sheds.

There are many sizes of Lifetime storage sheds available, ranging from eight feet by two and a half feet, all the way up to eight feet by twelve and a half feet. By choosing this type of storage, you’ll also know that your possessions are well protected and secure, since the extra large doors are sturdy and lockable.   This means that you won’t need to worry about anyone taking anything you’ve stored outside, nor do you need to be concerned that bumps or weather will have any impact on your belongings.

The roofs of Lifetime storage sheds are designed to be pitched quite steeply.  While this is important to drain rain, it is practically vital in areas that receive heavy snows.  This stops the snow form remaining on the roof and gathering, risking crushing everything inside. 

Lifetime Storage Sheds - How About A Skylight?

Furthermore, many models have built-in skylights and windows that are made out of a special shatter-proof material that allow lots of light in so that you can see what you’re looking for, without decreasing the durability, integrity, or security offered by the structure.

Unlike most other kinds of outdoor storing options, Lifetime storage sheds come with their floor as a part of the original purchase of the product, instead of forcing you to buy into the additional option.  The flooring is made out of the same material as the walls of the structure.  It is slip-resistant and is easy to clean.  This makes it comfortable to work and walk upon without the risk of falling or damaging the flooring when you’re bringing your equipment in and out of the shed. 

You can also be reassured that the flooring will never chip, crack, or peel so that you can be comfortable using your product without worrying about its degradation.

Maintaining Lifetime storage sheds is as easy as keeping plastic storage sheds, needing only a rinse-down to clean them.  They contain a special ultraviolet protection on their exterior so that their colors always remain vibrant without fading, and the outer plastic coating does not crack.  The material is also stain resistant so that you will never need to re-paint the shed to keep up its visual appeal.

 August 03, 2020 

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